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2013 resolutions

Eyes blink*  Time flies it's now 2013 and i believe majority of you guys might not be used to it. Still some of them will be writing the year as 2012 instead of 2013 and i am one of them :p Christmas eve and New Year eve are a very happening night and i just don't notice it came to the end of the year. The moment i'm managing those photos in my lappie, Some of it really makes me feel like killing myself....lollll 
But, obviously, there are changes in me. Like not that much but atleast improving :) 

2012 isn't a good year for me, all the bad luck comes in a pile... Especially September, the most horrified month which bear in my mind vividly!   I'm gonna miss every moment that we had together but unfortunately I'm moving on . So, I'm 19 now. Not officially. I guess i shall make myself a list of 2013 resolutions since i'm no more like a kids. I gotta learn to stick with the plan i made before moving forward to 20. am i thinking things too farrrrr? lmao

I follow various of blogger and read blogs and I know the feeling of reading a blog that don't really update frequently.Feel bored.After since i'm in college, I really neglect about it! SO ITS A MUST TO BLOG MORE 


When a gal said , Diet ; it always starts tomorrow and never happen. Even if i've started dieting now but i know its not fully effective, so i have to CUT DOWN JUNK FOODS AND DESSERT! Gotta stop myself by saying NO APPETITE.lolll


I've got 4A1C for my second semester final, I should be proud of myself because once you're in college.... Presentations,assignments,tests ...all these stuffs you have to be good in it.You have to put in an unending effort to struggle for that result.Yet, my family are not satisfied with my result. Just because of that C i got, it is the major subject of the course i took. Of course i won't be giving up , Next semester i'll FIGHT FOR IT!


Even though i've adapt myself into a habit of reading for a year, but, still I have not finish reading A BOOK! 
haha..I've no idea what have i been doing for a year, i couldn't even finish a storybook with hundreds of pages in a year? Ridiculous* :p Too, i'm a indeed social person,there shouldn't have any problem with it. But i speak more in chinese (That's the problem,BIG PROBLEM!) To improve my social skill and speaking, i gotta start drilling myself to speak more in english and of course read more.... ITS A MUST!


I've been thinking too much of those bullshit which makes me felt lamented. That's why...Smile more,Live happily ! 


Everyone's dream - Using their saving for a stuffs to satisfied themselves. Gotta find an inspiration on earning money ,so that i could save money and also stop having pocket money...I wanted to be independent, i mean moreeeeeee.  Even if sometimes i've earned, there's no use of it because i'll spend it all !!!!!! I gotta change this crappy attidtude. I want a CAMERA ,so save ! 


Travelling is one of the purpose i'm doing saving! I've been craving to have a trip to other country with my galfriends. I really hope that i can make it this year so i MUST ACHIEVE TASK 6 FIRST ! Please Please Pleaseeeee finger-crossed*


Dancing can actually help to loose weight, isn't it? But learn dancing is a type of hobby , its on my list  of interest.. Baby catherine and I have been talking about which academy outlet we should be going to take a try.but we kept on putting that question aside :/ screw me ! But actually workout willl do as well. 


I'm so baddd in making schedule, I always forgot things. Things will go like this, once i forgot something i'll just let it be. I can't have such bad habit! I know there are so many friends i should have meet up last year..but yeah i didn't make it. I seriously gotta eliminate such habit! With my proper time schedule, I believe everything will go just from smooth to silk...I can draw out plenty of time to attend different kinds of event, meeting different personality of people... Able to have an early planning for those self celebration event is the utmost important ones

My dreams are far far away from me. But as long as I believe and keep on trying to reach them, I know I will get my dreams. To be successful in every aspect, i have to put on many effort in it ...hopefully i'll fulfill my dreams :) 

I guess that's it for my 2013 resolutions.

No matter how bad is 2012 to me,i believe 2013 is a new beginning ♥ So yeah ! Happy New Year everyone :)

依然是朋友 还是回忆的陌生人

我到底在挑什么,还得挑那么多吗? 人生不就是没有完美的事 何况是人类呢
我都分辨得出我身边的所有朋友 谁是奸谁是中 可是我可以很肯定的说,你们都不是.
是不是想太多 還是因為太明顯了 掩飾不到自己心情不好 
這種感覺不是第一次 总是在怎麼事情總是反反復複地發生
是不是自己太小孩了 太敏感 
大家都是朋友 明明都沒事嘛
你们的立場 我試著去感受 但我的呢 誰來瞭解我
只有一句不要想太多了 是誰讓我想太多

我对你们说的每句劝告 难道都是废话 
你们真的了解我 看得穿我每句话的意识
你们的未来 我为何要管这么多 沒事我幹嘛找麻煩
不明吗 所做的一切 都是不想你们后悔

珍惜 信任 义气 维持
这些又有多少人真的做到 而我却傻傻的相信 我们可以
这三个星期的假期 是个很好的时机 让我们冷静下来
遇见这种事 大数的人都会向我赐上一句 顺其自然
我很恨这句话 很敷衍的一句话
我相信 如果我真的这么做
我们不会再是朋友 而只会是一个拥有回忆的陌生人
所以想勇敢起来的坚持 可以吗


161212 High school memories with basillia

Hi Hi Everyone ! Today Imma gonna blog about the day with my sweetie pie - Basillia. It was my first day of semester break , and here i am heading off to her area and enjoy the day :)  Basillia have been telling me that her granny miss me so muchhhh ! Obviously, i know that the whole family must be miss-ing me!! (lolllself-obsessed)

On that specific day, we didn't actually went to any places trying new stuff...We went to places that could recall our high school memories. Its  meaningful, indeed, you see. I left high school almost a year and the memory which bear in my mind seems like getting blur. That's why i have such idea to flash back our days in high school. :) 

I set off ,reaching her house at approximately 9, we exchanged grapevine with each other for like two hours. I don't know why we have so much stuffs to talk about, As what they said "gals being gals".Gossip will always one of the reason(SoooooTrue!)

#1 We had our brunch@Complex Mutiara. I bet all of my schoolmates must have know that place. Feel glad that still uncle remember me , I was actually afraid that he'll forget me since i've not been dining at his place for half year :O
I miss Uncle's tomyam pan mee so muchhhhhh! (Thumbs-Up)

 #2 We went to snap Big Head photos@Kepong Jusco. The way we talk and react just like we really back in time. You know ,as usual,  those machine counting is so fast ...It happened at a glance skipping from 1 just to 3 ! We're like wtf , i''m not ready yet ! lmaooo

#3 We went for a movie as well , we watched the movie called "My Sassy Hubby" which the main actors are Charlene Choi and Ekin Cheng . Its been a while that they have not been acting, too,  we find that the name of  that movie are so captivating - 我老婆唔夠秤II:我老公唔生性 !

Trying the new camera skills ,we're so silly just like we used to be ! (laughforthewholeday)

I guess that's it for the day ! I'm really glad that baby basillia actually enjoyed everything :)

141212 Sem Break

Whassup ya'll ! My final is over and that means i'm rocking my semester break now! As i promised i'll blog as often as possible , like atleast 3 days a week... and i'll definitely make it work this time since i've 3 weeks break. (Y) So here is it... Combination post of what i've been doing this couple of weeks.

Apparently, I was hectic with my studies.. struggling for an A in the final and you kow that is sooooo tough!

 The whole week of study break , we did showed up in INTI . All we did is to put on the last effort we could before the final approach. Though sometimes we're rather engrossing in our studies but there's always an expectation for every scenario. #Selca (Teenagecan'tlivewithoutcamera) LOL!

We're actually trying on Catherine's new lappie webcam, so once we try there will have no stopping.


The first day of exam ,just after we've sit for the paper of malaysian studies. We went to have dessert @ Baskin-robbin's , and i get myself a junior scoop of vanilla flavour - My favourite :) 
I have no ideo on how can we be so relax since still we've tougher subject to go through with. Gals just love to give themselves a mini celebration aftersince they have done a good attempt on memorizing notes.haha


Obviously ,we wearing the same cap. Most of them asked us whether each of us have one or what, ofcourse we don't have the same cap for each of us...we're like taking turn to wear that cap. (Iknowitsstewpid) but its fun , i was actually laughing at this picture for quite a long time .

 you see, the way nancy put on her cap really look alike with those boxer wearing boxing head protection.Chuckles*


During the selangor public holiday ,where have you guys been huh? Buddies brought me to have lunch@Klang. Everyone knows that klang true speciality is Bak Kut Teh , right? Its my first time trying klang's food, they cook well overall. It wasn't that scrumptious you see but it could be rate as average.
Btw, still gotta thanks my buddies being so enthusiastic for letting me indulge the taste of klang's bak kut teh :)
Oh my gosh ,after i've got my 2 speeding saman in Kesas highway, I'm driving so slow until he have to accommodate my driving speed...
Captured 20+ , just chose 4 OUT OF 20+... Gals!


They said 12.12.12 is the day for people to profess on themselves which they called in chinese as " 告白日"lol. I spent the day with my last paper and also my gals. I didn't realized its wednesday until I bought a sunrise blended @ Coffee Bean. Geees, don't chu get it? Baskin-robbin's pink day is on wednesday :(

Gotta chao now guys ,catch up my next post tomorrow ! :)

Happy Holiday!!!!

I have so much stuffs that i wanted to blog about but i just couldn't fit in extra activities into my daily schedule. November is a indeed tough month! Finally my mid-term test is overand now i'm having a week of deepavali break. I thought i can chill out , you know to be cool, but still there are tons of assignment i have to finish up within this week. For gawd sake, whyyyyyy are those assignments deadline probably on the first day after holiday :(     kill me,could you!

End of semester really kills me ,i have not done any revision yet and yea my final is just around the corner. I have been reminding myself the same thing which sounds like "Wavelyn Sor, seriously you have to sacrifice an hour of your slumber time for studying tonight! " Yet, every night i'll end up with a yawn and a word "IKR" Totally screw up! This semester , i have high expectation on my results ! Sooooo pleaseeee stop being a lazybump!  

Obviously , My entire hair are in blonde but i've dye with colours which is Blue-green and Red. All of my buddies, college seniors and juniors are caught by surprise. They are like "woahh gal, you look cool !" Everyone are saying that they will have no such courage to dye such colours. So are they trying to tell me that i'm brave? huh... 

They said French braid with colour looks more spectacular , credit to the sis Nancy Lim

Fergal Mcgoff is my favourite ones between threee of them. I love the way he sings ,he dance! Especially the trended gangnam dance.They aren't as famous as other celebrities, so what.. i don't care ! 
 Selca #1
Picture above credit to babe belle. I bought him a bottle of seriously orange@Starbucks for supporting him . He's a love  

Last semester we used to stick up together ,but now it becomes rare. Its not that i'm more in freshmeat ,its because they are foundation students and majority of our class crash at the same time... We don't even have much time to hang out together, i mean there might be a day or two in a month... But however ,still i treat them as my precious in the bottom of my heart ! We didn't had lunch together for months but the day i celebrated  yihan's birthday still there is a special rapport between us... still we're laughing that loud :) I appreciate alot guys!  
Batman mask! lollll

We're not studying in the same program, we aren't in the same class except malaysian studies , we might not be seeing each other for days but in the end when we meet up, we can just act like we've hangout yesterday :) We're tremendously crazy , you know. The favourite part ever is that we love to camwhoreeee! We're often hecticwith our workload but we never forget to exchange banter with each other. we aren't like others!  Even if we're pissed off ,worry or depressed still we laugh as much as e can ! I enjoy the life .I enjoy being with them . (Y)
 The adorable Babe belle makes me chuckle every moment!! I love telling her about BIG BANG...cause she's GD fans :X  Last semester she used to be shy but now she's much more open-minded. People who are close to her will only know how abnormal she is ! hahahahaa  

 The moment i camwhore ,she'll be posing behind me. She told me that she didn't mean it but belleeeeeee, it happened twice!!!!  LMAO 

This will be the last subject which we'll be in the same class i guesssss ,we're no more partner! :(  Preparing the presentation slides, i know you guys have put in umpteen of effort! You guys have did an awesome job,Lecturer's compliment is the best prove ! 
 I know i shouldn't wear that shoes i've bought @Forever 21 , next time i'll bring high heels to change.
Whyyyyy must i have such a squinty eyesssss? Sob*

Be my follower ,would chu ?

Btw, All the very best to the SPM candidates! Especially to my junior bedfordians! (:
That's all for now , tata!!!!!

151012 Catherine birthday dinner

Its only 10 now and i'm already started yawning! I'm so sleepy and tired,had a gals talk with baby basillia last night and end up with a problem. I slept less than 5 hours last night ! How good if i were a machine, seriously fed up with my assignments. Actually i thought of blogging my 2nd birthday post today but i can't relate to my brain anymore, sooooo lack of inspiration. Its My bad :( So i think a short post of my half-breed sweetie birthday dinner will do.

We decided to bring her dining @Full House,Sunway Pyramid.It is my first time dine in there .but next time i rather choosing places which is more in a romantic ambience. I actually got a few of recommended restaurants from my friends and really need to pick out a day to try it ! :)

Red dress from Nicole, Bag and high heels from Chales and Keith

Our match outfit, three of us are in dress ! 

Seee, i guess maybe theres too much selca we did in this month...thats why we're out of pose ! lol
 Alfredo Spaghetti for Nancy
Pan-Sear Dory Fish for the birthday princess
Schnitzel Breaded Chicken Cutlet for me !
 The Natural snap which actually i'm trying to enjoy my Lavender flower tea.
 Cat eat fish ,just like what kids learnt ... lmao
Spin the fork and stop. Its my first time seeing her to put on make up :O
 It's my first try putting on bottom eyelashes , can't believe i did it ! #thumbsup
Telling cat we love her...She freak out ! haha
Like we care? Princess pissed off like my mama did ....haha

Just after snapping photos , I ordered a Chocolate brownies for her,secretly. Telling the waitress to have a candle on the brownies and inform me when its ready to serve. When the waitress gave me signal about it , I change my sits with cat. She sits on my chair asking me why, I point at her back and started singing the song she deserve to hear.... She was caught by surprise ,the only she speak is "So Sweeett" 
The birthday gals sweetest moment ..
Cat seems like craving for chocolate so mucchhhh huh \( ̄︶ ̄)>    
Random Selca mode
Back shot , i love my hair so muchhhh !  
Pretty bitches  #kisses
This is just the beginning , i believe there are more behind us !  I LOVE YOU GALS